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Current tax laws can turn what should be an easy filing into something complicated. I am able to navigate the paperwork with ease and get you the deductions and credits that you deserve. Even if you are using sophisticated tax software, my experience gives me the ability to maximize returns.

I will personally check and re-check all filings to identify anything overlooked and locate potential issues that may lead to closer inspection after filing. I utilize the latest applications to ensure a carefree tax experience for you.

Tax Preparation For Small Businesses

If you own a small business and have kept up your bookkeeping, that’s awesome! I can help you easily file and get the maximum returns. If you haven’t kept up on the books, that’s okay too! I can help you prepare for filing and get the maximum returns.

We can work together to find deductions that limit your tax liability for the next year as well. There are many commonly overlooked deductions that I can identify so that you are better prepared for next year’s filings.

We can also institute an easy system that will help you keep your books in great shape every year. File your personal income taxes with me as well and we can potentially increase your returns.

Tax Preparation For Everyone

Preparation of tax returns for anyone who needs assistance. My general accounting experience is geared toward small businesses, but I have been preparing taxes for individuals, self-employed persons and landlords for over twenty years.

There are people at every stage of life that need assistance in minimizing their tax bill when filing their returns. I invite everyone to get in touch and pass their preparation and filing work on to me.

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